Dimensions of a healthy Leader

Posted by: chacko on Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

Robert Rosen, author of “Grounded- how leaders stay rooted in an uncertain world “- uses the metaphor of a tree, that stays grounded in a storm . He says there are SIX dimensions (roots) to a healthy leader :

Physical Health: Being self aware and with resilience to bounce back
Intellectual health : Asking hard questions, being curious, learning and adapting to change
Social health : Being authentic and building mutually nourishing relationships
Vocational health : Having a passion for success, and a meaningful calling in life
Spiritual Health :Where you have a higher purpose and a sense of being part of something bigger than yourself .

Rosen says that WHO you are (Nature ) is grounded in your roots, and that in turn , will determine the kind of team and organisation you will build . This applies to leaders at all levels, including CEOs . Because healthy leaders are open to feedback, and to developing their own skills. They are also able to build healthy executive teams , because they unleash human energy .

According to Rosen , a healthy leader in the West is Fords Allan Mulally; and another from the East is Kumar Mangalam Birla . He says that they are both always curious; always learning; and unleashing human energy to seize opportunities and to grow the business .

Leaders in professionally managed organisations evolve very naturally into healthy leaders- given that the six dimensions are well nurtured over a period of time . Generally , these leaders achieve greatness and have to prove that they deserve it .

Leaders in family managed business will find the evolution more difficult ( but not impossible ) They are to the” manor born” .They have had a more protected environment . They did not have to earn every spur , and also take thirty years to do so . In this process, they are prone to be lacking in emotional health .

There is also the danger of lack of social health, because they are in a position where many will fawn on them ; try to be in the inner circle ;ensure a regular diet of flattery ; – and all sometimes to a ridiculous extent . All this can also affect the spiritual health, where often the I” can become the higher purpose.

Many years ago , I asked Kumar Mangalams father , the legendary Aditya Birla – when he brought up the subject of a very large , new and pioneering project . ” Why do you want to get into this ? Is there not enough and more , to look after , already ? And his response was immediate, ” Of course , there is more than enough . But we have been blessed with success. It is our duty to expand, look at new horizons, generate more development and jobs , for the benefit of our people ”

“For me personally, the wealth will only be on paper . I cannot drink, or eat more , or drive more cars , than I have already . But I am a trustee of wealth I must use it for the common good .”

The worlds best tight rope walker ( a french man ) announced ( many years ago ) that he would walk across the twin towers of the World Trade Centre in New York. There was to be no net – and a fall would mean certain death . Jounalists asked him _ ” Why are you doing this? One false move and you will be dead . ” His answer was simple
“When I see two high towers I MUST WALK” . A higher purpose – and a sense of being part of something bigger than yourself .!!

First Published in Tharawat Magazine.

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