When a client of mine began discussions with his brothers and sisters, about the distribution of wealth , after their parents would be no more ( they were both in their 80’s and in poor health ) , he insisted on a precondition – Only the siblings will participate . The spouses will not be […]

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When the story blew up in the Indian media, of how the four grandchildren of one of India’s tycoons of the textile industry- (Mr Vijayapat Singhania of Raymonds )filed a court case against the grandfather, asking for a better and bigger share of the family fortunes; it was like a ghost from the future .Most […]

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Beware of the One-Person-Company

When we think of a family business, we often associate it with a single family; one that might span two or three generations. But there are times when a business functions as a one-man institution. In this case, the business is largely driven by a single person; a person who has the intellect, charisma, and […]

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Evolving Leadership Styles in the Family Business

I worked for some years as a consultant to a large conglomerate that had been family controlled for over three generations. On one occasion, I had finished a talk to a group of senior managers of the company, when a senior Vice President came up to me and said he wanted to have a word […]

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The entrepreneur who starts and grows the business has learnt , through the school of experience , how to acquire power; to manage power and to cultivate power. This power is then used to manage his business in its cycles of growth, consolidation and further growth . However, founder successors acquire power by virtue of […]

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Tough Decisions for Leaders in Family Business

In the Harvard Business Review of February 2009, Donald Sull wrote about the two essential characteristics of great entrepreneurs, Agility and Absorption. Agility was characterised as “Floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee” whereas Absorption was described as “Taking a licking and still keep kicking”. Sull then applied these characteristics to two boxing legends of yesteryear. […]

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Dimensions of a healthy Leader

Robert Rosen, author of “Grounded- how leaders stay rooted in an uncertain world “- uses the metaphor of a tree, that stays grounded in a storm . He says there are SIX dimensions (roots) to a healthy leader : Physical Health: Being self aware and with resilience to bounce back Intellectual health : Asking hard […]

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Business Protocol for the Global Manager , Tune in to TONES!

A key element in communications, apart from those discussed earlier – is TONE. Tone is one of the six aspects of paralinguistics. And paralinguistics gives colour and flavour to the meaning of words. The other dimensions are Volume; Speed; Emphasis; Pitch and Quality. Para linguistics is probably as important to the global manager, as to […]

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